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PURA Cryptocurrency’s Common Node System is a Game Changer in Developing Countries

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, both economically and socially, through digital globalization of e-commerce and social media, the necessity for people to stay connected at all times has prompted an increased demand for smartphones. A byproduct of mass adoption of technology, smartphones play an integral role in our everyday lives. While smartphones are mass produced by virtually every communications corporation, the technology that goes along with competitive innovation has ensued, ensuring smartphones forever mark their place in the history of human progress. Pew Research Center has conducted an extensive study on global smartphone penetration and connecting development and the results are astounding. Strategically positioned inside that wake is PURA Cryptocurrency, soon to unveil game-changing technology specifically designed to most benefit developing countries.

PURA Cryptocurrency has consciously dug deeper into global smartphone usage and economic trends behind the data to focus on cultural and social ways in which people apply their smartphones. The good news is that smartphones are readily available and used in nearly all countries. Costing only a few dollars per month, various consumer-friendly plans make it possible for most individuals, and certainly whole families sharing the cost and usage of a single device, to own, access, and use a smartphone. It’s also true that after decades of mass production, smartphones now outnumber many populations, with millions of inactive devices stored away or considered obsolete, yet still under their original contract. This creates a unique opportunity for millions of users around the world to participate in the PURA project.

In a world where most cryptocurrencies seek large investors to further incite mass adoption, PURA Cryptocurrency has turned its eye towards the people of the world. With only 1,000 PURA and a smart phone, any user can passively mine PURA, allowing those that keep a little extra in their wallets to secure a masternode. While there are many types of nodes, PURA masternodes allow everyday users an opportunity to earn even more PURA just by holding onto it. Nodes are thought of as computers or components that access a network. A node is a point of intersection or connection with a network and can act as both a communication end point and distribution point. Masternodes perform a similar action on a constant scale, but unlike regular nodes, are open to the public. Usually, only crypto miners are able to utilize masternodes to mine blocks without interruption, but the PURA masternode can be deployed by anyone with a smartphone or computer utilizing the PURA wallet simply by pushing a launch button located inside. The details of PURA’s masternode remain proprietary, though the seasoned blockchain team developing this new technology assures of its security and ease of use.

PURA Cryptocurrency is an international digital currency that liberates users to transact with anyone in the world directly, privately and instantly, making lives more affordable by removing the expense or need for a middle man in the form of a bank or payment provider. Powered by the blockchain, transactions are stored permanently and backed up across hundreds of servers worldwide while financial data, activity history and balance information is kept completely confidential. The currency is not controlled by any central government or banking authority, opting to allow masternode holders and users themselves to determine how the currency evolves and the impact it has on the world through a global democratic governance process, or “DAO.” Dedicated to responsible decentralized living, ten percent of all PURA created is automatically contributed to PURAPlanet, a treasury that works in conjunction with PURAMission to fund and track sustainable, environmental and social projects around the globe.

PURA Cryptocurrency Enters Into Partnership With Titanium Blockchain:

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